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Heartfelt messages after the Fire

Customer & Friends' messages & comments after the fire of 21st March, 2009

"Dear All,I just wanted to write and say how sorry I was to hear your awful news. I have visited your wonderful restaurant recently and was so impressed with the superb quality of your food, also your staff are fantastic, very efficient and friendly, I am glad that at least you are all safe. I'm absolutely gutted for all of you, I really don't know what else to say apart from I send you my very best wishes and hope you can get up and running again as soon as possible, you are the best Chinese restaurant for miles around."
Veronica Millard
23 March 2009 10:02:41

" I hope you are all ok. SO Sorry to hear about the fire what a shock and how awful for you all. WE send our prayers and much luck your way."
Katie Sparklie
23 March 2009 10:06:51

" Hi everyone, I just wanted to say how sad we were to see the plumes of smoke coming from the restaurant on Saturday afternoon. Yim Wah is our very favourite Chinese restaurant, so please, please have the courage to rebuild, repair and re-open. We will be among your first customers, and if there is anything we can do to help in the meantime, please let us know. Philip, Karen and Ben Saich, Lower Cambourne"
Philip Saich
23 March 2009 11:44:00

"Hi Ryan, Although we have only spoken once I was aghast to hear of the fire destroying your restaurant. I hope no-one was injured and may you be able to build an even better and finer restaurant. I wish you the best of of luck."
Ian Clemson
23 March 2009 12:40:20

Keith made a comment about our photo album on Facebook:-
"2 days after the fire" Glad everybody got out ok. Any news on where you all go from here."
Keith Swadling
25 March 2009 20:29:08

Suzanne made a comment about our photo album on Facebook:-
"2 days after the fire" I do hope you find somewhere soon as I am really missing the great food from the Yim Wah House already. Hope you can start to rebuilt your business. "
Suzanne Morris
26 March 2009 17:12:38

"To our friends at Yim Wah House, When Jeremy told me about the fire I didn’t want to believe it. I told my friend Wei she was saddened by the news too. We both send you our sympathy for your loss. We have enjoyed many great meals and great service. We urge you to reopen. Please keep me informed as to you plans and progress. We both wish you well in this endeavor. Best Regards, Your friends, Chris & Wei"
C Potter
30 March 2009 00:33:02

"Good luck to all involved with the Yim Wah House business. We were absolutely gutted when we turned up at the Restaurant on Saturday. Dont know how we missed the news of the fire but what an awful shock. Thank god you are all OK and nobody was hurt. The Yim Wah House is the finest Chinese Restuarant we have ever been to and we will miss it terribly until it is fully restored. Hope everything goes well and you will soon be openning your doors again. Best regards Phil&Jan"
Phil Lea
31 March 2009 09:15:53

"Was hoping for a nice meal at your restraint yesterday no my way back to Ipswich.  Was so sorry to see the devastation of the fire. All the best for the future and hope you reopen sometime. Regards Mark Dowling"
Mark Dowling
08 May 2009 11:27:38

"We were greatly sadened to hear of and see the devestating fire that destroyed your Restaurant. We send our best wishes at this time of distress.   We have attended many happy occasions at your Restaurant  and had many superb meals. The ambiance and staff are second to none. We wish all your family and staff the very best and hope that we will be attending your new Palace very shortly. Best regards. Douglas and Ruth Gill."
Douglas Gill
08 May 2009 13:33:01